Popcorn history

Popped corn has been known for thousands of years.

In Mexico there is evidence of popped corn dating back to around 3600 BC. However, historical evidence has even dated further back to 4,700 BC in Peru. In those days they got the corn to pop by using fire to heat the sand, and then the corn was fried within it.

It was an American Jim Watkins (The owner of the Popz group) who back in 1971 invented the microwave popcorn in the United States.
In the first 2 years Jim Watkins delivered all microwave popcorn sold throughout the United States from his own delivery van. Today microwave popcorn is not just a product but an entire industry. The US market sales exceeds 2.5 billion bags yearly.

Popcorn Today

In 2011 we moved our production from Denmark to Hungary where we now have the world’s most modern factory for the production of microwave and ready-to-eat popcorn.

At the factory we produce microwave popcorn around the clock and supply countries throughout Europe. Popz is the fastest growing popcorn brand and is currently sold in more than 38 countries worldwide.

In addition to the production facility in Hungary we have also established Popz Agro Kft. where we grow and process popping corn. Every year we test many different popcorn hybrids (all from the US) to find the very best for the individual regions.

Did you know that the whole popcorn industry has decided that they will not use biotechnology for genetic engineering of popcorn hybrids? All popcorn today is therefore guaranteed GMO free.

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