Popz production moves to hungary

Clock icon By: The historian

It is with mixed emotions that we can inform you that POPZ® is moving our production of popcorn from Slagelse in Denmark to Debrecen in Hungary. The relocation is driven by the need to reduce POPZ® production costs, particularly labour.

We are sad on behalf of the approximately 30 employees who will lose their jobs in this move. Our thoughts are with them and their families. Our sales department and administration will not be affected by the closure of our Slagelse plant. We will continue to service all Danish customers and export markets from Denmark. All POPZ® customers will keep their normal contacts and be supported by the same sales team.

It is expected that production in Denmark will close by 30th September 2011.

From October, all our products will be manufactured at a newly built factory designed from the ground up to be the most efficient microwave popcorn plant in the world. The plant is located in the eastern part of Hungary in the country’s second largest city, Debrecen. The facility will consist of our production lines from Denmark as well as added capacity with new lines. This will be Europe’s largest and most modern microwave popcorn production facility. With this approach, we are ready to face the future with a new factory and a strong focus on continuing to produce the absolute highest quality microwave popcorn.