Quality policy

Popz quality process

Popz consider high quality and food safety to be paramount. This is very important to us as we are producing and selling foodstuffs. Especially today where the news is reporting daily on food safety scandals, failure to apply controls which should be there but are not in place and a lack of responsibility in some parts of the food industry. The Popz’ Quality Policy is outlined below:

Popz’s Quality Guidelines

Popz will only manufacture products to such a high standard of safety that you will confidently and willingly give them to your own family.
We will fully apply the legislation in force in Hungary and the legislation of all the countries we export to.

We will respect the quality demands of our customers and ensure that our delivered products fulfill their expectations as a minimum requirement.

To guarantee that we follow Popz’ Quality Policy, the management will implement and maintain quality systems based on HACCP, BRC and we will continuously educate and train our staff to achieve the highest possible levels of quality and safety.

Popz and BRC

Popz’ attention to quality production has resulted in Popz being awarded the highest BRC Global Standard-Food (issue 5) certification in January 2006. Popz’ first attempt to gain BRC recognition resulted in our rating being a grade ‘A’ rating which is their best grade and is rarely awarded on a first attempt. Subsequently every year from 2007 to 2011 Popz in Denmark was re-certified and on each occasion we were awarded with an “A” grade.